Have you heard of sand blast cleaning before? Well this is similar but with nuts!
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Walnut blasting is a process that is used to treat heavy carbon build-up. With modern direct injection engines such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Mini Cooper, Jaguar and Land Rover when your foot is placed on the accelerator, the car releases fuel into the combustion chamber of the vehicle.

The spark plugs then ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber, causing the car to run. Carbon is released into the engine as a by-product of this process.
The carbon interferes with the vehicle’s normal combustion, which in turn alters the compression ratio, operating temperature, and sensor readings.

The Problem

The carbon builds up and coats the inside of your engine including the air intake valves, combustion chamber, and exhaust, restricting your car’s ability to breathe and also affecting your car’s efficiency and power. When the carbon builds up, one of the common ways to clean it out of your engine is through walnut blasting

The Solution

Walnut blasting uses crushed up walnuts that are blown into the car’s engine with an air compressor. To perform a walnut blasting, the intake manifold is removed and blasted with crushed walnut shells and compressed air, blasting away all of the carbon build-up so your car will perform like it was originally supposed to, restoring power and fuel efficiency

The Result

Removing the carbon build-up with walnut blasting and fuel/air induction can restore power and fuel efficiency.

What Are the Results of Carbon Build-up?
The results of carbon build-up include: loss of power (which can go unnoticed because it’s a gradual loss over time), engine misfire not specific to a cylinder, random engine misfires, and check engine light codes P0300, P301, and P302. 

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